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Find our more about how our 100% natural ingredients along with Pura-Pel help in  maintaining health through nutrition.



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Your Best Friend’s Life Companion…

In an increasingly confusing world of which dog or cat food to purchase and feed, what makes Green Pantry’s foods so different?

Green Pantry HQ is situated in rural Norfolk where we enjoy the countryside with Molly and Lulu the Green Pantry cat and dog. We are a proud, family owned business with strong values and have more than 40 years’ experience within the animal health and welfare industries.

But Most Importantly….

We are pet owners, which is the reason Green Pantry Cat food and Green Dog food came to be. We wanted the best, so we set about this task and in 2008 we launched Green Dog food, the only 100% Natural Dry dog food containing our own trademarked premix Pura-Pel. More recently in 2015 , we launched the grain free 70% meat Green Pantry Cat food.  Green Pantry has the same 100% Natural ingredients and also contains Pura-Pel , No Grains and No Wheat.

All our foods have only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients, contain no waste or by-products and are nutritionally balanced which helps to promote good health and a happy cat and dog.

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