Compare With Other Brands

With so many dog foods on the market it is often difficult for the discerning dog owner to make an informed choice. The chart below covers some basic issues; please contact us if you would like more information.

Ingredients / formulation


Most standard brands Green Dog


Natural control of intestinal and external hygiene


Avoids overuse of synthetic drugs No Yes
Properly balanced range of hypoallergenic carbohydrates Too many of the commonly used grains can cause digestive problems. No Yes
Vegetables and herbs Provides natural micronutrients and fibre.


No Yes
Herbal vitamins and minerals More easily absorbed less risk of toxicity. No Yes
100% natural ingredients (including vitamins and minerals) Optimal absorption and assimilation by the body No Yes
Whole raw materials By-products are nutritionally depleted No Yes

This chart does not imply criticism of any specific brand